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Why Have a Code of Conduct? To promote conduct that is honest, ethical, and legal.

NYHXR/US has adopted this Code of Conduct (also referred to as the “Code”) to provide standards and guidance by which employees, members of the medical staff, vendors and other individuals affiliated with NYHXR/US will conduct themselves (Collectively referred to as “Employees”).

All Employees should strive to protect and promote patient’s rights, quality of care, NYHXR/US wide integrity, ethical business practices and fulfillment of our Mission, Vision and Values.

This Code of Conduct is a fundamental part of NYHXR/US Corporate Compliance Program, and works together with our Mission, Vision and Value statements and our Corporate Compliance Policies and Procedures.

It is important for all Employees to understand personal obligations under this Code of Conduct. The Code does not cover every situation one may encounter. Instead, the Code contains principles that are intended to guide Employees in making ethical decisions in carrying out duties for or on behalf of NYHXR/US.

All Employees share in the responsibility to uphold the principles of caring, honesty and integrity that are fundamental to this Code of Conduct.

If, at any time, you have questions, comments or suggestions regarding the Code of Conduct or your responsibilities under the Code, please call the medical director at
1860-995-7810 or contact the Compliance Office at 845-289-0103